Unique materials and style drawn from 40 years experience as an architect/builder; influenced, colored, and shaped by philosophical implications of Taoist spiritualism, theoretical physics, and plain old American naturalism.

This is “outsider” art at its purist – untrained, untaught, and stubbornly resistant to how “real” artists make art.

Paintings are predominately lacquer based (a material which behaves very differently from traditional oil and acrylics).  Substrates range from plywood to galvanized metal to woodcrete (my own formula for plaster made from sawdust and cement)… I’ve yet to paint on a canvas. Sculptures, lamps, furnishings, and picture frames are primarily salvaged materials (I abhor waste!) which are tung oiled or lacquered depending on affect desired.

Feel free to peruse the gallery for ideas, or contact me for a quote if you have something in mind that is not listed specifically.  With over 30 years of building, crafting, and artistic experience, chances are if you can dream it, I can help create it.  If you are a designer or gallery representative who would like to showcase some of my art, I would love to hear from you.

Several of my works are on display at Sol’stice Home and Garden Expressions in Dripping Springs.

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Due to circumstances unrelated to my exhibit at the Community Renaissance Market, I had to withdraw my work from display at that location. However, these pieces are still available for private viewing by appointment.