Bell’s Theorem

Price: $1800.00

20 ½” x 33 ¼” (28″ x 40 ¾” incld. Frame)

  • Lacquer on (quite old) Plywood
  • Copper and Urethane (lacquered) applied

Bell’s theorem was a mathematical proof (J.S. Bell,1964) which resolved arguments amongst physicists concerning quantum entanglement (which, of course, none of us pedestrians understand). The resultant implications of Bell’s theorem, however, have had a profound effect on our world view – “ …that at a deep and fundamental level, the “separate parts” of the universe are connected in an intimate and immediate way … In short, Bell’s theorem and the enlightened experience of unity are very compatible.” * I thought it deserved a painting.

* The Dancing Wu Li Masters; Gary Zukav,1979

bell's theorem