Shrine of the Middle Way

Price: $800.00

15” w. x 17” h. x 16” d.

  • Mixed media on Live Oak timber

It took no more than two minutes to know what this piece was going to be when I saw this timber end cutoff sitting on the scrap pile outside the mill. It did take about four years to get around to producing it … this +/- 40 lb. chunk of wood moved with me three times in that period, and it never lost that initial inspiration.

The piece will be left to be self explanatory, with the exception of the empty niche in the cliff face – after many ideas on what to put there, it seemed most appropriate to leave it empty in honour and memory of the Buddhas of Bamiyan destroyed by the Taliban, who don’t seem to have a very firm grasp of the Middle Way.

Shrine Alcove

Shrine Stairs

Shrine Back Corner

Shrine Trunk Detail

Shrine Inside Detail