Who Made Who

Price: $425.00 SOLD

(Thanks and Apologies to ACDC)

16 ½” w. x 20 ½” h., 4 lbs.

  • Lacquered Plywood with Copper Wire and Urethane Build-up
  • Cedar and Pecan Frame

Had an idea where I was going when I started this … hard geometry (circles) overlaying organic chaos of the plywood grain. The landscape aspect grew out of the natural horizon line of the plywood scene; the tree then evolved out of the need for a living thing in an otherwise barren landscape as well as a need for visual balance. But this is a linear explanation of a synchronic development – did the grain force the geometry and landscape or was it merely a texture subservient to them? Did the Order expose the Chaos or vice-versa? Was thinking about this while painting away and the song came on — Who made who?

Who Made Who